BA / WA (PoC/Exploits)


Our frequent and early vulnerability analysis service is one of our competitive services in this industry which is only available to security product vendors such as IDS/IPS/AV and other verified organizations. Government affiliated organizations and legitimate penetration testing teams can be eligible for this service. This service has two components:

-       WA: Web Application Analysis is ZD Research’s unique service. Every month some critical web application vulnerabilities on important web applications are reported, without any details or exploit codes included in the report. The withheld information can affect millions of web sites. ZD research team analyzes latest vulnerabilities, and security vendors can access this information for development of defensive mechanisms. The details and exploitation codes can also be useful to penetration testers.

-       BA: Binary analysis service is provides complete technical reports of vulnerabilities in binary level. ZD research team studies most critical vulnerabilities and generates proof of concept snippets and exploitation code (if possible) that are invaluable to IDS/IPS/AV vendors. ZD team carries a few years of background in this field.

One of the key benefits of our service is that as soon as our researchers build a package for a vulnerability, we publish it to our customer and there is no wait-time included.

To access sample packages and discuss pricing, contact us.