ZDResearch is an advanced cybersecurity research team with 7+ years of experience.

In the past, we have provided the following services:

  • Binary Analysis (BA) for enterprise systems
  • Web applications vulnerability analysis (WA)
  • Advanced online/in-site offensive security training
  • Custom vulnerability analysis / exploit development
  • Blackbox / Whitebox / Graybox Pentesting

We successfully passed such research at projects like  Month of Bug and our team discovered and exploited many new issues in systems developed by Microsoft, Mozilla, Adobe, Yahoo!, Google, Intel, etc.


Recently, we have shifted our focus more towards advanced cybersecurity products and training. Our products are based on cutting-edge cybersecurity research, attempting to solve some of the longest lasting and complex problems plaguing information security, such as injection attacks and metamorphic malware. Our training focuses on bringing-up the next generation of hackers and professional security experts capable of contributing to the field, wherever they are.