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ZDResearch is an advanced vulnerability research, penetration testing and training team with 7 years of experience. Our current services include: – Binary Analysis (BA) for enterprise systems – Web applications vulnerability analysis (WA) – Advanced online/in-site offensive security training – Custom vulnerability analysis / exploit development – Blackbox / Whitebox...
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We provide code auditing for the following languages and technologies: PHP Python Java Ruby Javascript...
Code Audit
  We offer penetration testing for networks, applications and whole systems. Our team is expert...
Penetration Testing
Our team has experts in both binary reverse engineering and high-level (Java, Python, PHP, .NET)...
Reverse Engineering
Analysis of both binary and high-level malware is our team's expertise. We are proud to...
Malware Analysis
We provide a wide-range of cybersecurity solutions, including training, development, recruitment, etc. Use the contact...
Cybersecurity training is one of our focus areas. We design, develop and maintain high-quality cybersecurity...
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Hello guys, It’s HolyBugx. I started writing this post after this tweet, as I saw many interested people wanted me... Read More
ZDResearch Presents ICS Honeypot Detection Framework at Kaspersky Industrial Cybersecurity Conference
28 Oct
The Sixth Conference on Industrial Cybersecurity Organized by Kaspersky Lab was held on September 19-21 in Sochi, Russia. This year’s... Read More
National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition Writeup
17 Apr
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We are Volitech, an advanced biotech company with heavy emphasis on R&D that serves many customers with high-tech bio research... Read More
Maintenance Problems
4 Mar
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We were facing a few maintenance problems, primarily with our main domain. Some illegal activity was suspected on the main... Read More
Pool Blade: A new approach for kernel pool exploitation
17 Oct
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Abstract In recent years many methods have been discussed regarding exploitation of pool overflow corruptions. Most of these methods are... Read More
ZDResearch Training Official Launch
10 Oct
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Hello All Introduction It is our pleasure to announce that we just released the training material for our Reverse Engineering... Read More
ZDResearch Training provides some of the best cybersecurity courses you can find.
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Pedro Guillen

The exploit development training was really worth the money. I bought the reverse engineering course after that as well!

Pedro Guillen
David Moreno

I took the Reverse Engineering course by ZDResearch, and I was very happy with it.

David Moreno
Ashish Bhati

Fabulous courses! Hats off to you. Thank you for bringing these courses to all of us!

Ashish Bhati