Hybrid Taint Inference Firewall

ZDResearch Hybrid Taint Inference Firewall is a web application firewall powered by hybrid taint inference. It uses taint inference (in contrast to taint tracking) for performance and accuracy reasons, to understand the control flow of your web application and block or allow third party queries based on application intent and code, rather than hardcoded firewall rules.

Dr. Naderi’s¬†scientific publications shows that hybrid taint inference is able to mitigate 99.8% of cybersecurity threats in the area of web applications.

ZDResearch offers an enhanced version of HTI Firewall, available as a WordPress plugin, and in the near future a full-pledged standalone or web-server module for you to use along with your application. At the moment, the code analysis module is focused on PHP, but we are adding support for Java and Javascript.

Please contact us if you need any further information.