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Penetration Testing

Our real world attack simulation service. click on image to learn more.

BA / WA (PoC/Exploits)

Our frequent , early and rapid vulnerability analysis service. click on image to learn more.

Advanced training

Our unique online/in-site offensive-security training. click on image to learn more.

Custom Research

Our custom vulnerability/code analysis and exploitation service. click on image to learn more.

Maintenance Problems

Written by ZD. Posted in Blog

We were facing a few maintenance problems, primarily with our main domain. Some illegal activity was suspected on the main domain, and dns changes were made. We had to transfer the domain, and this process took longer than expected. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you contacted us, we probably didn’t receive your email, so please send it again.

Our staff are tirelessly working on the second release of the materials, stay tuned.