ZDResearch Training Official Launch

Hello All


It is our pleasure to announce that we just released the training material for our Reverse Engineering and Windows Exploitation courses! With your support and help, and our dedication, we finally made this possible. In this short post we’d like to provide you with more information regarding these courses.


Reverse Engineering Course

Our reversing course is released, and contains ~8 hours of video and 500+ slides, as well as all the samples and labs covered in the course and all of them are real world problems based on some real world malware / protections / problems. We are aware of a few problems in this release of our material and we will  update them in a few weeks. There is another important note about this course , our reverse engineering course is not a malware analysis course, but with the knowledge you gain you should be able to do malware analysis as well and with your continuous support we will release special malware analysis courses in the near future.


Windows Exploitation Course 

The Windows exploitation course is a unique online course (very comparable in price and quality to the best) for those who love to learn Windows exploitation, containing ~300 slides and 8 hours of video training and all the samples we used are real world softwares such as  Internet Explorer / Adobe Flash Player / SCADA software and so on. To make you cheer even more, in this course you will learn both user-land and kernel-land  exploitations and by the end you should be able to write your own exploits for a lot of available PoC’s!

Advanced Web Exploitation 

Our flagship course received a lot of registrations, and we are sorry that we have to postpone this course, as cloud-based labs and DRM management is taking much more time that we expected. We wouldn’t publish it as is, because we believe in high-quality training courses. When this course is live, the participants will sure be amazed by the depth and quality of contents.

Penetration Testing Course  

The material for the course is ready, and will be released as soon as DRM management is complete.



We would like to thank all our customers who are supporting us by enrolling in our courses and creating an active learning environment. We are dedicated to help them learn more, as the world is changing and is in dire need of information security experts in every field.

This is the first release of our material, and flaws are expected. Our team is working hard on finding the flaws and updating the material. We would appreciate all the feedback you can spare.


For Reviewers: We are prepared to provide our materials for serious reviewers (with enough impact) to evaluate and publish.

For Newcomers: If you still haven’t enrolled in our training center, you should now: https://training.zdresearch.com . We have a few early bird spots left in certain courses.


Thanks again and stay tuned for our next update.

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