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ZDResearch Binary Challenge One Writeup

Written by ZD. Posted in Blog

Screenshot of Binary App

Hi everybody!

Our second challenge (which was a reverse engineering one) came to its end, as well. This one was solver much faster than our XSS challenge, meaning that either our reversing experts are not as good as our XSS experts, or that reverse engineers out there are much better than XSS experts; or something else.

On this challenge, we required the participants to submit write-ups as well, because hackers are lazy, and we knew that they would only submit partial write-ups, and then we would do the other half (we’re hackers too!).

We had almost 186 participants, and here’s the list of three winners:

  1. Eloi Vanderbéken @elvanderb
  2. Dominique Bongard @reversity
  3. deroko @deroko_ (He actually solved it too fast, but arrived late! Also won the best writeup.)

Link to the challenge: https://zdresearch.com/challenges/binary1/


In this section, we will provide you with write-ups provided by our winners, and finally our own write-up. On top of that, keygen codes are linked to the bottom of each writeup: